The Infusion

The hours at the hospital felt like a lifetime. Just before I went to sleep, a surgeon came over to tell me that there is a probability that


I was admitted in the hospital. After the nurse hooked me up to the ECG monitor and IV fluids, the doctor started to ask me questions while

The Duck

They say bad times are good times to prepare for better times. For a chronic ill person, the time might stop at the bad, at any given point. It's like living under a loaded gun and wondering when the trigger might just go off, just like that. The preparation for better times might just not happen for some of us. The anxiety generated with the feeling of unease every turn you take, every medicine you miss and living and dealing with the everyday struggle while pretending to be normal makes itself a permanent state of mind. I sometimes wonder if my spirit animal would be a duck, looking very calm over the surface while flapping its legs like crazy underneath. The night started pretty rough. I

The Night of Horrors

2020 had just started, It was a Sunday. I woke up in the morning with a heavy head, it was nothing unusual. Most of the mornings are the sam


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NSW, Australia