Wheat Flakes

Work up the area. Smooth the soil with a rake. Dig long trenches using a shovel or rent a commercial wheat drill attached to a tractor to plow the field and dig long narrow furrows.Use a moderate quantity of a natural manure to ensure proper growth of the wheat stalks.

Water the field two to three times during a dry summer season. Winter wheat crops require water only when the seeds are planted. Wheat grows best in a dry climate

Nourish the wheat with an all-purpose fertilizer twice during the growing season.

Childhood | refreshes a lot of memories in your mind about the times past, when things were effortless. Life was a journey between your home and school. The wilderness excites us, the curiousness to know the unknown ,the emotions rising and falling as the tides in a stormy sea. During the time when most of the children were busy preparing for school plays and recitals, I found my leisure roaming around my village,along the small canal, making friends with the livestock while they graze pastures.

Paonta Sahib is a small place in the Northern state of Himachal Pradesh in India. A place known for its sky kissing mountains and the serenity within them. Born and brought up in a joint family. I was always blessed to be surrounded by people always caring and looking out for me. My grandfather is a veteran and my best friend.

I spent most of my childhood with my grandfather, listening to stories of heroes and dreaming of places he told me existed.. He is a Type 2 diabetic and was diagnosed with Nephropathy as well.

My grandmother is a Type 2 diabetic, very fit and healthy as she always keeps herself busy working around chores in our farms. At times, feeding the cows, milking them, helping labors in harvesting.

My father works as a Government Contractor and a well known figure in the small old town. He is a self- made personality. Often, I realize that I have inherited a lot of my own behavior traits from my father. He's also a Type 2 diabetic. My mother used to be a school teacher, a woman of principal, though she is a chaos at times herself.

She suffers from continuous High Blood Pressure, she doesn't mentions much of.

My sisters and me form the the Powerpuff girls gang and I'm the Buttercup in it. If you followed that late 90's cartoon, Buttercup is the most tomboyish and aggressive, among the three of them, usually having an angrier disposition in comparison to Bubbles and Blossom. However, she happens to be somewhat of a troublemaker.

Like me, she appears to enjoy fighting villains and criminals and despise girly things like skirts and scrapbooking. Buttercup would rather hang out with a punk culture gang of roller skaters. enjoying playing death ball with them and is considered a good friend, so that should give you an idea of my friends.

My elder sister a.k.a. Blossom is a Chemical Engineer who currently lives in California in United States. She suffers from hypothyroid.

While, my younger sister, call her Bubbles is in year 10 lives with my parents back in India, she suffers from hyperthyroid. And then there is me. I suffer from Type1 Diabetes, Nephropathy, Neuropathy, Gastropharesis, Retinopathy and Anxiety.

Guess our family won't qualify for the healthiest hereditary line.

I got diagnosed for Type 1 diabetes when I was 7 years old. Life has been a roller coaster ride, going through the same process, days and nights, still making it out alive, everyday.

I know that bearing a chronic illness is a blessing and a curse. While on one hand, it limits the number of insurance companies wanting to enroll you, reducing your vision of life because it's difficult to imagine being old. In reality you consider yourself lucky, barely making it out growing old. It makes the people around you think like you're a liability, the weakest link in the chain, the flakes of the wheat, just meant to be a waste. Situations when you feel like you're about to give up but a sudden rush of feeling death, so close and the emotions that comes with it, makes you want to keep going. That's when Life turns you into a Warrior, constantly fighting until it's finally over.

I find myself wandering in those wheat fields.

17 years later, I find myself sitting in my courtyard in Australia contemplating on my memories, I want you to close your eyes as I paint it for you, opening a doorway to read and relate with my experiences and reach out to share yours..

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