khichdi recipe: Pressure cooked rice and lentils, mixed with turmeric and ginger. Tomatoes and asafoetida for the taste. Serve hot with curd or mint sauce.

A series of hyper and acidosis episodes took my stomach on a troll. For those of you, who don't know, A Hyper stands for the Hyperosmolar hyperglycemic state. It is a complication of diabetes in which high blood sugar results in high assimilation of sugar without significant ketoacidosis. Symptoms include signs of dehydration, weakness, legs cramps, trouble seeing, and an altered level of consciousness.

Most of the times, I used to vomit everything I ate. My mother used to make me the Indian recipe for the sick, called Khichdi.The sweet smell of the mango mint sauce served with the khichdi refreshes those noons.

Till this date that's my sick day food, the only food that makes me feel better after long sick hours.

Chronic illness changes you in certain ways. It makes you a stronger personality, makes yourself aware about the strength you never knew.

Most importantly, It lets you know about the people who love you and how many of them are in it for the long run?

Some things normal people strive to know all their lives.

After the incident, where my diabetes turned out to be low, Suddenly, I was the most fostered person in the whole family. My mother used to fuss over my health all the time making sure I am alright. Feeling helpless at times, She used to be angry at me when I used to fall ill. Whenever I fell ill, I used to turn to my grandmother. She always had home remedies for everything. At times, when those ailments won't work, she used to rush to my grandfather. He used to drive me to the doctor, afterward buying me chocolates from the local store.

I still remember, being fond of chocolates and their shiny wrappers. I used to collect the tiny skin tattoos I got free along with the tangy marbles. I never missed a chance of having them.

Aditi was my kindergarten friend. Often she used to get worried over my fondness of chocolates and soda. I used to eat all kinds of junk food I can have, I loved cornbread mixed with jaggery. I used to fight with my mother for eating them. I was never the ideal child when it came to taking care of myself. My sugar levels always used to stay above 20mmol/L. Life was simple at that point in time. The only chores were eating, going to school and playing, never worried about anything. I was good at studies. The school was a piece of cake.

Little did I realize, This too shall pass.

As I grew older with years, this disease started to feel more like a burden. I got sick more often. Though I was active in sports so I never lacked energy, In my high school years, I opted for medical studies and I had to change school, so I stopped playing at all. My body started getting weaker. At days I had no energy left at all. A series of appointments with the endocrinologist every 6 months were not working. He could never determine any health complications in me.

My father never got angry at me, all this time as he sailed in the same boat as me.

Many a time, he used to say "You reap what You sow, so be careful what you are doing with your life." I guess he was right.

Father's friends came over to our house, every now and then for family dinners. They were always served with delicious food with desserts, cooked by mother. I used to wait, till they left to eat the desserts by myself. I started learning how to cook all my favorite desserts and then cooking it all by myself.

I have a bad motion sickness. I get sick while traveling. I used to either sleep the whole time while traveling or vomit my guts out. Everyone used to be very annoyed, so my mum used to feed me medicines, even before we used to travel just so other people don't get uncomfortable.

As I grew into a teenager, I stopped traveling at all just being at home sleeping and eating. It was easier to sit at home and just not going anywhere, rather than facing taunts and listen to people complaining about my vomits. It grew easier to convince my parents to leave me alone at home, knowing that I will fall sick.

I guess they didn't have much of a choice left either.

My elder sister, Harneet was my best friend. She was familiar with my love for junk food. At times, I and Harneet used to sneak out to town on my scooter to eat junk food. She was a foodaholic too. She used to make me promise that I will not utter a word about it to mum and dad or we would later have to face the music over our bold moves

Life was simple then not being worrying about expenses just demanding your way to everything to your parents. I understood the bottom line to be, that no matter what happens to your life, your parents and your family are the only ones who are going to stand by your side, when no one else wants to be a part of your life.

My parents are the only ones still standing fast with me, in my combat for life.

I sometimes wonder, if I could have proven myself to be more thoughtful and responsible towards them, than I was.

If you're still reading, I'd urge you to commend and celebrate your parents, thank them just to be there for you. As they say, You live only once.