Did You Know These Celebrities Are Diabetic!

Here, a list of 5 famous folks you'll be seriously shocked to learn are diabetic.

Wasim Akram

We have seen the legendary Pakistani bowler speak about diabetes, its symptoms and cures on a number of occasions. The man has certainly had his share of struggle when at the age of 30 he was diagnosed with diabetes, but he did not let it ruin his career and life. Akram said, "I remember what a shock it was because I was a healthy sportsman with no history of diabetes in my family, so I didn't expect it at all. It seemed strange that it happened to me when I was 30, but it was a very stressful time and doctors said that

could trigger it." He is actively involved in raising awareness in various campaigns for diabetes.

Fawad Khan

Along with being blessed with drool-worthy looks, actor Fawad Khan is a great actor too. His performance in ‘Kapoor & Sons (Since 1921)’ has won him compliments from almost every nook and corner. Critics have appreciated his role of Rahul, the elder son of the Kapoor family.

Recently in an interview Fawad Khan revealed that he is diabetic. He said he suffers from Type 1 diabetes which is incurable.

He revealed the reason behind getting Diabetes saying, in his case, he used to smoke in school. They would hide behind the swimming pool to smoke. There used to be pipes there with raw and unfinished concrete on it. They would swim, come out, take a puff and go back again. Once, when he was standing against these concrete pipes,

he got scratches and cuts. But he jumped back into the

swimming pool. The water had not been treated that day.

He developed a terrible infection. He lost 10 kilos.

That’s when he realized that he was diabetic.

Sonam Kapoor

A successful actress, a fashion icon, an online media influencer known for her brazen honesty, Sonam Kapoor has often highlighted serious issues, be it social or national interest. One health-related initiative, she actively promotes is to increase awareness of diabetes. Sonam Kapoor has Type 1 Diabetes also known as Insulin-dependent diabetes or Juvenile diabetes. Though minor and most common type, it is a chronic condition in which the pancreas produces little or no insulin.

Sonam was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at the age of 17.

Sonam proactively participates in campaigns to raise awareness about diabetes. She had, in fact, shot an advertisement on this issue, which bore the message:

Diabetes is a silent killer, watch out!

Gaurav Kapur

Indian Premier League host and actor Gaurav Kapur was diagnosed with diabetes when he was just 22. However, he started taking insulin three years later after he met with an accident. The actor in a TOI interview explained how diabetes does not mean the end of happiness, yes, but the key is to be smart by adapting to a new lifestyle with patience. He spoke about not eating spicy food or with a lot of soda. Though he does occasionally binge on a pizza or satisfies his craving with fried food.

Kamal Hasan

When it comes to acting or leading a healthy lifestyle, Kamal Haasan prefers to be disciplined all the way.

A complete believer of ‘prevention is better than cure’ mantra, the actor decided to aware and healthy lifestyle after being diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes.

He sought inspiration from his mother’s case who suffered from chronic diabetes.

In one of many awareness campaign events, Haasan was quoted saying, “It is unwise to wait for magic substitutes for salt and sugar,” and further added, “You need to adopt preventive steps if you are at risk for diabetes.”