Cheerful Pessimist

You can always make things right, unless you've done a lot of things wrong in your life. Living with diabetes most part of my life now, it has dawned the ideology upon me that nothing materialistic is more important than our health be it physical or mental.

I have met enough people till now to know that no matter your location on the planet, you are fighting a battle everyday in one way or the other.

Some battles are easier than the others but it's just about your perspective and where you're coming from. No matter if the glass is half empty or half full for you, you're still struggling to figure out the other half.

The problem starts when people tend to think that acknowledging their struggles is a sign of weakness. I've seen problematic people working so hard to hide their issues and not to make it obvious for everyone else. In a world full of hashtags and a series of a filters, people tend to filter out their problems, just to make their image more desirable. They put on the facade of a perfect life everyday just to pose their not so perfect life, seem like one and that's exactly where most of the social problems start.

I believe greed doesn't drives the world, it's jealousy.

I'm certain about all I want for my life is good health and if given a choice I will choose that over anything else. As a child I never took care of myself but as an adult I seek to make choices that are better for me.

Often I come across people who are wasting their lives away without realizing that good health is all they have got and if they lose that then nothing else can make up for it.

Think of a situation where you are in a position to choose any car of your like. No matter if it's a Mercedes, Audi or any one of those big horse powers. You can have the car of your choice.

That must sound nice, right?

Now here's the catch, the car that you choose will stick with you all of your life. You can not change it once you've made your choice. The idea of driving the same car all of your life will certainly make you think about the choice of the car that you make, and the plan on how you're going to maintain it so it'd last for a lifetime.The idea is your body is the car chosen for you. How you drive it and how you maintain it will decide if in the coming years, you're going to be a proud owner of a vintage or a rusty car.

This idea should certainly drive you to make more conservative decisions when it comes to the things you want to do with your body.

Nobody wants to die everybody wants to live forever, but in saying that a considerable portion of youngsters and adults these days resort to choosing drugs and alcohol over their health which just disturbs me to the extent that I feel sheer anger towards their ignorance.

I can do anything to get rid of diabetes and all these complications I live with. I wasn't given a choice when I got this illness. One night changed my whole life, my world turned upside down. I had to give up candies, sodas everything a 7 year old loves to eat and drink and if I did went out and eat any of those things I ended up sick. Moreover I had take a step back from doing certain things in my life that I wanted to do or wish for but because of diabetes that was taken away from me too. I had to give up my dreams of being an air force pilot and serve in the Indian army.

Even after that when I moved to Australia I had to make certain decisions that were solely based on the fact that I am a diabetic. So when I see healthy people who are doing fairly well in life choose to mess their health up by being a drug addict or being an alcoholic not caring how it is affecting their lives, it makes me angry and makes me want to shake them up a bit and talk some sense into their brains.

It's rightly said that health is an invisible crown only an unhealthy person can see.

If you are struggling with drugs and looking for an inspiration to get off from it, I'd recommend you to pay a visit to the cancer ward of your local hospital and talk to someone who is battling cancer.

You will get a surreal idea of how bad they want to be healthy and not deal with hospitals and anything to do with hospitals for once.

Respect your body because it is the only place you will ever live. I do not say that you should turn out to be the fitness expert on the block, start immense exercising or stop eating out at all.

What I am implying is when it comes to drugs or alcohol or smoking, you should maybe once think about your family how will they suffer with you in this if something happens to you just because you couldn't stop yourself from drinking everyday or smoking everyday or taking drugs everyday more so being addictive on these things for your survival.

I think the value of health is only understood by people who have lost it, one way or another. I used to be ignorant towards my health but there came a time when I got my wake up call and I pray you never get yours. I really hope the people who are going through some kind of addiction just step back and take some time to reflect on their life and see how their addiction is affecting their family, friends and most important, their own life and health because nothing is worth losing your life for.

Society tend to rehabs where you are cut off the outside world and you pay money to live the next months in a prison, cut off from the outside world and constantly being told that you could be better. Well dramatically, humans are afflicted towards the sense of danger. So, it's not a surprise that a considerable proportion of people who get off rehab tend to succumb back to their addictions, once they are out.

What I prefer instead for motivation in life to fight an addiction is spending the same amount of time with someone who is actually battling a chronic illness, seeing them fighting everyday just to be alive will be a motivation enough to choose better.

I think I have done my share of damage to myself and I am not proud of it. I am paying for it every single day of my life while struggling with my health, my job, my career and a lot more. On top of that, people do not hold back to make you realize how you're inferior to them just because you are considered not at the preferred levels of the social pyramid.

The times and instances when I had to struggle with all of these factors turned me in to a cheerful pessimist. I look at life and reflect on the flaws and what could be done to make things better.

I have to compromise one way or another with certain things because of my health which angers me but its never too late to start over and this is what I did 6 years ago and here I am today. I'm able to make better choices and reflect on the bad ones. Certainly there are social troubles and the daily struggles just like every one else but I'm motivated enough to go back to bed a little wiser than when I woke up.

I tend to do that everyday.

I hope you do too.

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