Food Police

A lot of diabetics, including myself have to hear a lot of nonsense from people around us, who think it's easier to comment over a situation that seems simple than breaking a sweat to research and scrutinize the cause and effects of the ailment.

Often the sort of supererogatory Samaritans are referred to as the Food police in the diabetics community.

You might be wondering on how to identify a Food Police?

I'll extend the courtesy and help you with some symptoms of significance.

The first of these is a peculiar use of the rhetorical interrogation.They deeply articulate the character of a flamboyant exercise than any other of the Platonic works. They will notice what you eat and then make a rhetorical statement about it. Every once in a while I was inquired if eating a cupcake will make me prone to death.

Food Police is profoundly obsessed by the activities carried out by the people around them.

They are too deeply rooted with the principal of altercation in everyone else's life than minding their own affairs.

They have the tendency to come up with questions like Why do you have diabetes, were you eating a lot of sugar?

They are flabbergasted by the fact that every diabetic is different from another so how one food is affecting one person as a diabetic affects another person differently. When dealt with facts, often the self inclined wisdom of Food Police fizzles out and they find convenience in referring you as a cry-wolf.

Unfortunately, We have a prevailing notion in our society that if you are dealing with obesity then you must definitely be suffering from Diabetes. It gets more complicated if you're a Type 1.

Some people find it very difficult to understand that being a Type 1 diabetic I can eat almost anything I want and can adjust my bolus for that, whereas a person dealing with Type 2 diabetes cannot afford to eat everything as they have to maintain a strict diet plan to control their levels.

When it comes to workout, Type 2 diabetics can afford to maintain a rigorous workout schedule while for us Type 1's we have to be extra conscious when it comes to workout for exercising does not only drop our levels but it also increases our levels if our levels are high before exercising, it also depends on the type of workout you do too.

Some portion of the dimwitted people find it rather effortless to reach the development that getting diabetes was just an aftermath of eating too much sugar and for the ones who inherited it from our predecessors, it's pleasant to look the other way, unpretentious.

The era before insulin, diabetes was more of a slower death sentence for people with Type 1 but with the advent of technology, advances in the field of life sciences invoked some major changes, invention of insulin being one of them.

Insulin proved to be a groundbreaking development, a life saving drug for diabetics and now with the latest technology even a diabetic can aspire to live like a normal person, enacting as normally as possible. Despite this fact, there is no technology developed to understand what a diabetic goes through. Being a diabetic, you have to give up your favorite foods in order to survive, even worse at times you just have to swallow every bit of your pride and listen to the remarks Food police conceives about diabetes.

Even in the modern world people choose to shut eyes towards the science of chronic illnesses. Unless you're suffering yourself, it's completely alright to choose not to be familiar with the causes and effects of the illness and helping someone we know suffering, lead a better life.

The only thing free in the modern world is Advice.

Everybody have one to give to people like us without understanding the facets about our disease.

I used to yell at people who used to try telling me how to live my life and how they know and understand my disease better than me but with time, instead of being angry I am alarmed by the extent of laxity and negligence of the society towards chronic illness.

As far as the Food Police is concerned, I have a clear message for them.

I reject nodding my head in approval of their idiological theorems. I have come this far taking care of myself so of course I do not feel the necessity of anyone's remarks or freeloader advise on what should I eat and how should I live.

I am a proud independent woman who does not let her life defined on the terms of her disease.

If someone feels the urge to advise me then they better come prepared with facts and proper homework on understanding diabetes.

Lately, I've been participating in various diabetes groups and on certain occasions I have witnessed people trying to force their opinion down other's throats just because they happen to think that they know better. More often than not, this is based on the sole fact that just because they have better sugar levels then the other person, it gives them the right to advocate a misconception and throw science out of the window.

The fact is we are all fighting a battle as individuals. We are all different and so is our treatment.

The least we can do for each other is to be kind and to stop judging others. I've found myself seeking people's help and support but not their approvals. If you can't be helpful and supportive then it's better to just let them be and even better, not show them down by telling them how bad they are managing their diabetes.

My only intent behind starting this blog was to motivate people like me who wake up everyday and take on their disease headstrong. People who do not let this disease get the best of them and do not give up just because each day seeks a bit more struggle. Rather, they still go on fighting like a true warrior.

For all these people, I would like to say that I understand what you are going through and trust me even though it doesn't get easier, its still worth every effort we make from our end.

God only gives us what he think we can handle and he knows we can handle so much more than diabetes. So the next time a person try to police you about your food just smile and wish them well.

Living is hard work, and I hope my future generations will have an easier time than I had.

I hope you do too.