God Giveth, God Taketh Away.

I do not exercise my right to expression, until I think it's time. I've been listening to news of the world.

I hear about all the hoopla that go around. I see the real issues being never brought out in the daylight and the substantial amount of noise created around the real picture the facade stays on. The media and the regulatory policies often seem to reflect a completely different picture, falsifying the actual fact of the situations while the regulatory bodies around it seem like turning a blind eye to the amount of nuisance being served as news to the millennial.

I honestly have no interest in politics whatsoever but then, there are certain topics that catch my eye once in a while and one such topic recently is the question of abortions and whether the parents and the doctors should be regarded responsible for aborting an offspring, to which the idea seems a shear hypocrisy to me, spun around an agenda.

I've been listening to a number SJW's and speakers talk over the issue if parent control programs should be funded by the government or no? There has been debate raised by social leftist wings about changing the current abortion laws and increasing the span over which an abortion could be performed, and how they should also be government funded programs for the society.

While I think that the idea of a government funded program should be applicable, I'll just share my view on the topic based on the facts that I've observed, without being partial towards a side.

I come from a country where a girl child is aborted because Indian parents want more sons than daughters. A girl child is often rendered as a burden over parents, while a son is looked upon as someone who carries forward the family blood line.

During pregnancy married couples get the child's sex detected through illegal ultrasound carried out by local doctors and then decide if they want to carry on with the pregnancy or not. I do not support this heinous activity at all. It's a fact and we better understand that India is a male chauvinist patriarchal nation and while the idea of modern day feminism is being prevailed by the west and adopted by the common in India, still there's a fundamental disparity between the ideology of the social system in the US when compared to India. These social norms are rather hardwired in the majority of adult and middle aged women in India, which gives rise to a wide spread gender inequality in India, which needs to be addressed critically.

For a better understanding of the topic about life and death, we need to first understand how is a life defined because I have observed massive polarity in the definition of the term "life" defined by medical terms compared to the one used by the social justice warriors online, which gives rise to the questions like till what stage is it okay to kill a baby? Is it okay to kill a baby at Week 14, when the heart is pumping blood, or at Month 4, when the bone marrow is beginning to develop? Or like it's being suggested by Hillary Clinton that the minute before a baby is born, you should be able to drag it by the feet out of the mother, except for the head and stick scissors in there, ram it into the baby's skull, rip the skull open, suck the brains out, crush it and then pull it out, and call it a human right.

I think no one has a right to choose whether a baby should be allowed to live or die, just because it's convenient for them to think so. Just because it's in your womb, it's convenient for you to say that it's your decision to choose, while at the same time if that baby was out of the womb, and you stuck a knife through it's chest you'll be charged with a First degree murder.

Every baby should get an equal opportunity to be born and be in this world. What you make of that life is your choice at the end of the day but I do not think we as humans have any right to take that away from any unborn child. There are people like me who have chronic illnesses and wouldn't want their children to have the same genetic disorder, and in most cases, it is not safe for us to be pregnant and carry it on for 9 months as it can have deadly aftermath, resulting in either mother's or the baby's death or really severe damage to organs.

Let me tell you something. I have been told by my endocrinologist and my nephrologist that I shouldn't be thinking about having a baby, as my body is damaged from the inside and I cannot carry a child as it might cause me to lose my kidneys . Even if I do manage to make it through the whole pregnancy then the child might have severe defects or disability. Thinking about all this, I think in cases like these we do not really have a choice but to not engage in getting pregnant or even in a case where it happens, then we shouldn't be carrying it on. As much as I want to have babies someday day in future, it still is a big no no for me because I do not want my kids to go through the struggles I go through in my life.

With this whole thing going on about how women should have the right to terminate a pregnancy, I do not fully support this notion as some women terminate their babies just because its a girl or they do not really want a child at all, which I think should not be a reason at all to kill a life, but then there are cases where a pregnancy is the result of a rape or incest, or if a women's life is endangered because of her pregnancy. I think in that case it can be justified.

I know some people might disagree with my opinion but its okay because it is just my opinion. I'm not the one to judge the left wing or the bureaucrats advocating the advantages of a fully fledged baby abortion system. I just want people to sit back and think about such things as there is so much happening around the world regarding this.

As a women I really kind of stand in the middle not being in favor or against it because before being judgmental about the consequences of any side of the coin, it's really important to try and gauge the scenarios before, and the aftermath for any side.

Last but not the least, I fully support taking precautions while having sexual intercourse which should not only be the responsibility of a woman, but also of a man. Both of the partners should not take it lightly as it is something that can result into something you didn't ask for and that should never be the case.

The virtue of bringing a child to life, and into this world is the most amazing thing ever and we should be ready and prepared for it, hands down.

It takes a fool to make a baby, but a responsible figure to raise one. Parenting is a responsibility as that child someday will grow up to be the part of a society in the future. I think the practice of talking sex education and creating a whole taboo around the topic of sex, is not at all responsible or fair at the part of parents as well as the authorities. The science of sex should be talked about and young adults should be given knowledge about it, and the pros and cons taking precautions while having sex because if we can prevent unwanted pregnancies then this whole dilemma of getting an abortion can be eliminated, though not fully but to a certain extent.

The Prochoicers should promote a basket of 'solutions' to unintended pregnancy: the Prevention First Act, which calls for federal funding for family planning programs; expanded access to health insurance and emergency contraception; comprehensive sex education.

Inevitably, attacking abortion as a great evil means attacking providers and patients. If abortion is so bad, why not stigmatize the doctors who perform them? Deny the clinic a permit in your town? Make women feel guilty and ashamed for choosing it and make them sweat so they won't screw up again?

If half of all pregnancies are unplanned, it doesn't make sense to treat them as individual sins.

The picture looks disastrous, but as far as I am concerned, I certainly look forward to adopt a kid in the future, but till then I do believe that a right to life can not be taken granted for by parents, doctors or the authorities. It's a blot on us as humans and it's a blot on our Republic.

I hope one day all the government speakers around the world will get some sense knocked in them by their mothers.

I hope you do too.

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