New Beginnings

Only the wisest and stupidest of men never change, but change is inevitable. Though, it takes a persistent attitude, to take blows and fall but then keep getting back up, looking up, and climbing the ladder for survival again.

Change is what has brought life through evolution and witnessed the existence of civilisations through time. We have witnessed the rise and fall of some of the mightiest empires on our planet while time and nature orchestrated the change of tides in oceans. The stories that fabricated through the journey, some carved on stone, ink, paper and screens while some lost through ages, unheard. The voices which echoed back in time might still be lingering as some form of energy through a dimension, still unknown to the present mind.

We have seen the forms of life that existed, with an unstoppable force constantly trying to erase life while an immovable faith in existence has driven us to be a better version of us. That thought alone fills my mind with the never-give-up zeal for survival.

Monday 22 Feb 2021 was my first lecture at the university. I was happy and excited about my first lecture. I got up at 7:30 AM and started my first online class lecture at 8 AM. I was jubilant.

This moment dawned upon me the dreams I aspired of, to study since past 8 years. Overwhelmed and dazed me started sobbing. I wiped off my tears and sent a photo to my elder sister who has been supporting me throughout this time to get back to university and finish my degree.

She replied back and said that she was really proud and wished me to do well. Throughout the hour, I had several moments where my eyes were gushy. I finally finished the lecture.

It was the best moment I have felt in such a long time. I had turned a page on this book and started a new chapter in my life, the New Beginnings as I like to call them.

I know this moment was just another one of the infinite moments of the universe and might not mean anything to anyone but for someone like me who waited and struggled 8 years to be healthy and financially stable to be able to go back and finish my study, it felt like sitting on a gold mine.

People at my work started noticing how happy I was. I would catch myself talking to random people about my this new phase and how I got there. I had the sense of achievement of heading to the start of a journey, an important milestone in my life.

I was talking the talk but when it came to walk the walk, I felt it as an inconvenience to cope with work and studies full time so I decided to cut back on my hours at work which made me feel a bit insecure as well because I was used to working there full time always being there and colleagues felt like friends with whom you can talk about anything and everything happening in your life and I had been very lucky to have gotten all that support from my colleagues and friends, who always made sure I was feeling okay. Attending University during this pandemic has been a bit tricky with lectures being online, but thanks to the amazing Zoom team and support, the online lectures are still as good. I still go to the University for my laboratory sessions and workshops but that's all about it.

At the health front, I have been doing so much better being on the new Medtronics pump and CGM.

Harneet has been a pillar of strength for me all this time. I guess having a family that supports you is such a blessing. I think without my father, mother or my sister's support, I would not have been able to make it this far, deal with whatever has been going on in my life since past many years be it my professional or personal life. My health has always been the centre of attention in my family.

My sister is making sure I have enough funds in my bank so that I don't have to worry about anything else apart from my studies and it has been such a huge support.

Lately, I have been truly happy. I am feeling blessed to have my family and my friends who are making sure that I have everything that I need, to do what I want to do with my life. My uncle who lives a few blocks from my place makes sure to get me food every time I am late, coming home from University or I am having sick days, or any other kind of help I need.

I am grateful to receive all the support I have been bestowed with. I really hope one day I am able to return the same strength and support towards someone. The truly strong people become a pillar instead of a hurdle in any journey. I am working hard to be that pillar and in order to do that I need to finish my degree with good grades.

I am focused. I hope you are too.