Still here

Time is an amazing concept. It slips so fast during the good moments that you don't even realize it while at the time of adversity, every moment seems to be dragged along to the eternity. The night when father was struggling for his life, seemed to be one of the longest nights I've ever experienced and believe me you, I've had my fair share of experiences with long nights. I kept waking up at the middle of the hour, just to stare at the watch and silently praying for him.

When I woke up the following morning, I paid my regards to the almighty, thanking him for imparting strength to father so he could make it through the night.

I was relieved that the situation did not escalate to the worse. I showered and got ready to visit the hospital again with mother. We got in the car and while on the way I started to get sick. I tried to shut my eyes most of the way, thinking in my head to hold on until I reach there, that it's just a matter of time, just a matter of reaching the hospital and everything will be fine then.

As we reached the hospital, I saw my uncle waiting in the lobby. He looked so weary. I couldn't thank him enough for being there. It was almost the visiting hours starting for the CCU patients. I decided to let everyone go in first to see father while I stood outside anticipating what could be running in his mind.

Mother came out and told me I can go on and see him then. As I walked in, I looked at father. He looked so weak but drastically better from the day before. I handed him his fruit to which he smiled silently at me. I went through all of his reports and spoke to the nurse. Looking at him gave immense strength to my hopes that he will be fine again. It will all be fine.

I spent quite sometime with him talking to him about random things and phone calls I answered on his behalf. It was about time, the nurse called off the visiting hours. I bid him goodbye before I planted a kiss on his forehead and went out. I headed straight to the OPD to meet the doctor. He told me that father is recovering but his heart function is going to take time to come up. There was nothing much they could do before that. All our relatives and father's friends were constantly calling in to check on his condition. It was a huge relief seeing him doing better. The family came in together to look out for each other during this time. My friends Aditi and Shruti were a huge support, coming around the house every other day to check on me and my family.

They kept dad in the CCU for 5 days and I went in everyday to check on him and his reports. We found out that he has kidney issues as well which he was neglecting along with his other health problems. On the sixth day, the doctor announced that they have decided to discharge him as he has mostly recovered from the heart attack but for further heart treatment we have to wait until his heart function comes up more than 25%.

As we got him home that night everybody was in tears as he got out of the car. It was an emotionally draining time for everyone. My grandparents came over from Punjab as they were worried sick and with the constant panic, they were neglecting their health condition, skipping on their meals so mother asked them to come over and stay with us so we can look out for them as well.

It was almost a week before Diwali. Harneet spoke to one of my cousins who is a neurosurgeon in United States. He referred us to a cardiologist in Chandigarh, Dr. Reddy whom he knew through a neurosurgeon in Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education and Research.

The following day, I discussed about it with father and gave a call to Dr. Reddy. I debriefed him about the situation to which he told me to get father to the hospital, so he can have a look and give us his opinion on the matter. That night all of my friends came over to meet father and we hung out for a while at my place and then we got ready for a early morning journey to Chandigarh which is about 3 hours drive from my town. I had a bad gastroenteritis episode the same night and I couldn't sleep the whole time which subsequently turned into Diarrhea.

Following morning, while everyone was getting ready to go over to Chandigarh I was vomiting my guts out. The situation went bad. I figured that I won't be able to make it through the journey so I asked mother to be on their way without me. Nobody felt like going without me but I told them that the doctor has resented to see father despite a very short notice so it was really important for them to get father checked. After much contemplation, they left and it took them whole day as Dr Reddy performed another ECHO and father's heart function came out to be around 30-33% which was far from normal, but still a huge recovery for him.

He recommended father to keep his creatinine stable for a week and visit back the week after so he can perform an Angiography to find out what was actually wrong with him. With the initial diagnosis at the time of the heart attack, the doctors figured that father had a severe dysfunction on the left side of his heart which was making his left ventricular valve leak. In order to be certain and gather more data, Dr. Reddy decided to perform an angiography. They came back home late at night and we decided to get father's blood tests done every second day and then take him for an angiography the week after. It was 2 days to go for Diwali. Some part of me was still happy as it was my first Diwali at home, after 7 years of being away.

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