The Aftermath

After the episode, father was taken to Chandigarh for consultation with Dr. Reddy who suggested performing an Angiography. In layman terms, Angiography is the X-ray of a human heart which shows your body's blood vessels. It shows the severity and extent of any heart disease. For the next one week, we monitored father's blood reports and creatinine . It came out to be slightly higher but stable. I called up the doctor again to double check if we can get him in for the Angiography.

The doctor asked us to come over the next day and we agreed.

The next day, me, mother and father, my uncle and father's friend Mohan were on our way to Chandigarh. We met Dr. Reddy in his OPD. He asked us to be seated and then he asked father how he was doing to which father looked at him hopefully and nodded silently.

I asked him if there are gonna be risks performing the angiography because of his lesser heart function. The doctor looked at me and said there's always a chance of longstanding risk but not performing the procedure might result in another heart attack which will certainly put him into fatal risk. So he suggested its better to take the odds now than waiting.

My uncle who lives in Chandigarh came over along with father's friend's brother. They both insisted for us to stay the night with them but there were

5 of us so we decided to stay in a hotel rather than bothering them. The brother of father's friend invited us over for lunch and we stayed there till evening and then we came to the hotel we booked.

As we got into the room, everyone was tired from the journey and walking around the big hospital all day. Father was bit nervous about the angiography. He didn't show it to anyone but I could clearly make it out. Everyone went to sleep, tensed.

The next morning, it was raining. We went to the hospital. Around

12 PM, the doctor came in and they took father in for the procedure. In Indian public hospitals, people who are with the patient have to arrange for all the equipment needed for angiography and medication. So, me and Mohan had to run up and down the

5 storeys of the building and then going to other blocks to get stuff for his procedure.

When I reached back in the ward with the stuff they asked for, the scenario looked different. Everyone looked tensed in the CCU. The staff was looking for me and they told me that the doctor wants to see me urgently. I felt chills running down my spine. I was hoping for everything to go well and was trying hard not to think otherwise.

Dr Reddy came out asking me to bring someone else along. At this point, my hope was giving up. I felt so weak in my knees to move. My brain kept inclining to think that something bad has happened. I called my uncle. As he came in and we settled down, Dr Reddy started explaining to us that they have performed the angiography and father's Left Anterior Descending Artery or the LAD is 100% blocked which was the prime cause of the Heart attack. His other 2 main arteries are 70% blocked. I was in a state of awe trying to reason it all. He went on saying that in a normal scenario, performing an Angioplasty would be the next probable course of action but because father have kidney issues he said he couldn't perform the whole procedure of unblocking all 3 arteries in one go so he is gonna try to unblock his LAD and then probably will do another procedure for right coronary artery in a couple of weeks while he will keep his pulmonary artery on medication.

He said that given father's state right now, performing a bypass surgery can be very risky so they are going to try and unblock his artery using coronary stents and if his blockage is recent they can unblock it and put stents in place. We shook our heads and asked the doctor to do what he think is best for the situation.

While I waited in the ward, it hardly took them around 20 min to finish the procedure and then they got dad out. He was awake and looked bit weak but fine. I let out a sigh of relief and thanked the almighty while they put him on one of the beds in the ward and hooked him up with the machines. They asked me to give him some food and water after an hour or so.

Mother was crying outside and everyone else was so stressed when they came to know about the whole thing. The phones were buzzing continuously. The family back home kept calling wanting to know if father is better or not. I went out and told them father is fine and they can go see him one by one. Everyone was relieved and uncle got me some lunch which I had while waiting to go back in.

I was walking on a thin string swaying between tragedy and hope and it all came down to passing one day at a time. A major phase of the battle had just passed but there was more to come.

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