The Calm before the Storm

After the long weary flight back to Australia and being welcomed by the paramedic staff, I decided to spend the night at my uncle's. He was worried for I had not recovered fully and urged me to stay.

The next day, I spent some time with the family. I asked my uncle to drive me till the midway to my home and I texted Alex to pick me up from there. It was a good feeling coming back home but I was being nostalgic, still missing my family.

Finally, I got home and reunited with my cats after 2 long months. To my surprise, they were not too excited to see me. I was given a cold shoulder as they kept ignoring my existence but kept rubbing their heads on Alex and Imogen's feet snuggling up to them.

I finally settled in. The exhaustion from the long way home made me want to go straight to the bed. I turned off all the lights and was trying to sleep. About half an hour later, I felt furry bodies crawling up against my feet. I kept my eyes closed and pretended to be asleep. The cats waited a long time to warm up to me and were snuggling up to me. It finally felt like home.

Next morning was all about getting back on the track. I made a quick grocery run and spent the day cleaning the messy house. I cooked some food, fed my cats and started applying for jobs online. I was planning on moving from the town in case I didn't land on a job within one week but luckily I got hired at a cafe and along with it, secured a side job at a restaurant.

Some days, it gets hectic to work 2 jobs while managing diabetes but I needed the money as Harneet was helping me pay my bills since the past couple of months. I tried all the ways I could, emailed job mailers, and I did post on one of the job groups on Facebook that I was looking.

The next day, a lady responded to me and offered me a job at a service station. I thought about it and on the initial thought, I said I'll pass because the job location was about 50 kilometres from my residence, but she insisted. She suggested that I should come for an interview and check out the place before turning them down.

I thought to go in and have a look but in my head I was sure I will turn it down given the daily commute didn't appeal much to me and along with the medical condition, I was sure it wouldn't be a piece of cake.

Anyways, it was the Christmas day when I went in to have a chat with the lady and her husband. The place was much bigger than I had imagined and the guy who was running the place seemed very nice.

They offered me full time position at the service station and I kept saying that it wouldn't be practical for me to travel that much for work but just like the lady, the husband insisted that I should work with them as they could really use a helping hand.

I pondered upon the thought and I realised that I needed a full time job so I gave in and said yes.

He asked me to start from very next day. I walked home that day with a full time job and good payrate. After months and a series of continuous bad events, something good finally happened. I guess that's all I needed for Christmas.

I started working there and soon days turned into months. Before I knew, it was new year and I was finally getting a hold on my financials. The work was easier than hospitality, less sugar drops happening and I was trying to eat healthy as much as I can and was trying to not fall sick again.

While walking around the store, I saw the news of China battling with the COVID- 19. Initially, I thought of it as nothing and that it will be handled by the Chinese government. I personally didn't pay much heed to it. Little did I know that it would turn into a pandemic, making everything else less important.

I was getting a hang of my new job. I was exercising and eating healthy, trying to be back in shape. Life was good and I felt good in myself. My sugars were more stable and I was feeling better.

My life was eerily calm before the storm strike. Oh and baby when it did, it shook me up.

I never saw it coming.

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