The Coop

The hallmark symptom of a shock is a sudden rush of adrenaline. Rather, the provocation of fear makes your body jittery, makes you feel nauseous, like turbulence on an air plane. When I was told I may have the Corona virus, I felt a disconnection from what's happening. I felt like I was watching a movie, witnessing the scenes unfold and all I could do was comply. I was sitting on the bed trying to grasp everything and trying to make the sense out of it. Doctor Peter came in and tried consoling me saying that it will all be fine and that they were running the tests, just to follow the protocol. I smiled back at him and nodded my head.

A few moments later, a nurse came in to take my swab for corona test. I looked at her and said if I was positive then everyone who'd have came in contact with me since past 5 days will probably be infected as well. She smiled at me and said, "Yeah and I would get it too and then I will come over to your place to live with you in quarantine". She tried to lighten up my mood. I smiled at her and she left.

I was sitting alone in the cold closed room. I called my uncle and told him what the doctor said and he said do not worry I will be there, be strong it will all be fine. I got off the call with him and then sat down to watch TV. The medicines for pneumonia were already having their effect as I felt my breathing getting better. The room was a bit too cold. I rang the bell to have the nurse get me some heat packs. I thanked her while putting them in the blanket, trying to warm myself up a bit.

It was almost dinner time. My uncle called me up saying that he had drove to Port Macquarie to come see me and he is gonna be there as soon as possible with the dinner.

It was almost 10 pm when he came to the hospital. The medical staff wouldn't let him stay for more than 5 min so he asked me how I was doing and said it will be fine. He gave me the food and left. After he left, I took my meds and had my dinner.

I tried getting back into bed and sleep but my neck and back were going sore, laying in the hospital bed for almost a week now. I couldn't sleep all night long.

The next 2 days were usual. Sleeping, eating and watching random stuff on the television was all I was supposed to do. It was a weekend, so nobody came in to check up on me.

I noticed the nurses avoiding to come into my room. It felt bad as if I am some untouchable stuck in a coop but at that moment I understood how the corona infected people must be going through, being in isolation and some of them dying all alone in a room, not even get to see their family or loved ones for one last time.

I was praying to God that I do not have coronavirus and soon enough it was Monday morning. I was preparing myself to tell the doctors that I do not feel sick and that I should be sent home to self-isolate. The doctor did my checkup and examined my body and said it should be okay for me to go home. I was told to stay at home and not go out in public until I hear back about my results from the hospital by Wednesday.

I agreed to that and was so happy to finally be able to get discharged after 6 days of being in the hospital. I packed everything, cleared the room and waited for the doctor to give me the discharge summary and my antibiotics so I can go home. I called my uncle's brother in law who lives locally to come to pick me up. I got into the car and he drove me home.

As I entered the house my cats were waiting for me. I don't know how but animals do have a way of knowing things. Usually, they would have been pissed at me for being gone for so long but they both came to me rubbing their heads on my legs. I cleaned up the house a bit as I started getting breathless.

I called into my work telling them that I need another week to recover and I will be back to work after that. My leave was granted and I stayed home. It was Wednesday afternoon when I got a call from Dr. peter and he told me that my report came out to be negative and that it was just a viral pneumonia.

I thanked god endlessly but the biggest question that got me puzzled was how did I end up having pneumonia when I only had a urine infection and for it to only develop after 5 days of being in the hospital?

Even the doctors did not have an answer for me. I do have a tendency to even get the experts speechless at times.