The Coronavirus

It was a Friday morning. The sun was high up when I woke up feeling groggy. It was bout time for the doctor and his team to do a checkup. They were informed about the Hypoxia incident that happened the night before.

I was sitting there with an oxygen tube up my nostrils trying to make sense of it all in my head and telling myself that I would be fine. I got told that they cannot discharge me unless they find out what's wrong with my lungs.

After a brief discussion, they reckoned that I might have a clot travelling up in my lungs so they immediately asked the nurse to give me a shot of a blood thinner. They told me that they are putting in an urgent request for a radioactive scan that can help them with the diagnosis.

When they left, I was thinking about reasons that this could have happened. The loneliness was weary and the process got stressful. I tried to convince myself that it will all be okay and I will get to go home.

I took the medicines and called my parents as I had not spoken to them since the past couple of days. I spoke to them and then called my Nani. She started crying while talking to me. I told her I was fine and will be discharged soon.

I kept telling myself the same thing. I went to sleep after a while.

I woke up with a nurse by my side, who announced that I was being taken for the scan. They placed me on a wheelchair with my oxygen tank attached and off we went.

I reckoned it was cold. They left me with an operator who was going to carry out the procedure.

She briefed me on what was going to happen and then asked me to get on the stretcher for the scan. She asked me to Inhale a gas so that they could monitor how oxygen was travelling in my lungs after taking pictures for 20 minutes, she injected a radioactive substance through my cannula to check how is blood flow in my lungs to check if there are any clots.

After another 15 minutes of taking pictures, she told me that they will send the results through as soon as possible so that doctors can start treatment.

I was taken back to my room. I went back to bed gazing at the TV. I was feeling a bit better. I took off my oxygen and felt fine. So I was just laid there while watching a flix.

It was almost evening when Dr. Peter came back to the ward and told me he was going to speak to my doctor about the results. As he spoke, I stood waiting with anticipation, thinking that it will all be fine and I will be sent home that evening.

When Dr. Peter entered the room, he said I have good news and bad news. I looked at him in awe when he said you do not have a clot, but you do have a lot of abnormality in your lungs which possibly signals pneumonia. I gulped in fear thinking how on earth can you catch pneumonia while you are in the hospital since a week, getting treated for Urine infection. That didn't make sense to me, neither it did to Dr Peter.

He said the the hospital team is asking him to get me tested for Coronavirus. I spoke my mind, stating the obvious that I haven't been anywhere apart from work and there had been no cases of the Coronavirus in my region till then.

He said, "Well I am very confident you do not have it, but according to the standard protocol and we shall have to oblige, that we cannot let you go. We have to put you in isolation and you will be allowed to go back once we get the results back which can take more than 48hrs and because it's weekend it's gonna be by Wednesday next week."

I was looking at him still trying to contain all of the provided information and started evaluating the possibility of me, being corona infected. I just sat there in silence for hours trying to make sense of it all while they were putting up warning signs and everything outside my door to put me in isolation.