The Farewell

After spending a row of days and nights in the hospital, I was left only with a few couple of days left at home. I spent it mostly with my family and friends. I went out and bought Indian stuff for friends back here in Australia, the goal was just to cherish the moments I got to spend with my family. The times flew by like it was just seconds and before I even knew it, it was about time to leave.

On my last day in India, one of father's friends Upreti uncle wanted to take us out for dinner. Due to obvious reasons we had not gone out as a family at all. We finally went out for dinner that night.

It was good time, meeting Vasundhara and aunty after so long.

I was supposed to be up at 3 AM to get ready for the airport. Mother and father wanted to accompany me till the Delhi airport, but I asked them not to as father needed to rest and the journey from the town to Delhi can be pretty hectic. It was finally the time again for me to step out the house. I had tears in my eyes and everyone else was crying as well. In order to avoid crying infront of my parents, I quickly hugged everyone and got into the taxi, my younger uncle was coming with me to drop me off to the airport.

I slept through most of the way. Whenever I opened my eyes, I couldn't help but think about the times I spent with the family. I could see the faces of father, mother and Taran and tears started to roll down my cheeks again. It started to feel like that I was leaving my family behind again for a long lone journey and a feeling of weariness started to take over me. I suck at saying goodbyes. I wondered how many things I left unsaid before leaving home, how many things I could have told Taran and how bad I wanted to hug my grandfather.

As I got out of the taxi, I was weeping. My uncle hugged me one last time before I started walking towards the terminal. I didn't look back, just kept walking till I checked in. By this time, I grew a bit hungry so I strolled into the food court for a bite. I grabbed a burger at McDonald's and ate it in silence, as I kept looking around at people.

It was almost boarding time. I walked towards the gate and got on board. I felt nostalgic but health wise I was doing okay. Soon the plane started and we were racing on the runway, as tears rolled down my cheeks. I looked at the shimmering lights of Delhi and bid a final farewell to my home and my family.

I tried resting my head on the travel pillow and slept. I got woken up by the crew for lunch. I chose non veg and because I was extra cautious with my eating after the infection episode I ate only a roti with the curry. I went back to sleep after lunch.

Almost 2 or 3 hours later, I woke up, feeling very nauseous. I asked the cabin crew for a vomit bag. I hurriedly raced towards the toilet and as soon as I bolted the door, vomited my guts out. As I came out I felt very weak. I sat back on my seat and asked for some soda water. I drank a bit of it and tried sleeping again but in a matter of few hours, I started vomiting again.

I informed the crew that I am a T1D with kidney problems. I didn't get much of a response from them. By the time we landed, I had already vomited 4 or 5 times in the plane and as the plane was descending for touchdown, I was vomiting just the bile.My guts were hurting and I was so exhausted.

I requested the flight crew to call for an ambulance. They seemed reluctant thinking it might put them in trouble, they kept telling me how expensive its gonna be for me to visit the hospital. I told them again that I need an ambulance urgently so after much argument, the ground staff at the Sydney airport was informed about the situation.

They came storming in with a wheelchair , and started off by blasting off the cabin crew, telling them how irresponsible they have been by not informing them about a sick patient on the flight. They didn't say much and apologised saying they didn't think it was too serious. An ambulance was called and they took me to Prince of Wales hospital.

While in the ambulance I vomited bile out again. I was very dehydrated by now. I was shaking and sweaty. As I reached the hospital they took me in, retrieved my medical history and started to out an IV through but because I was so dehydrated, even on using ultrasound machine they couldn't find a vein to stick the cannula in.

The Doctor tried 5 or 6 times all in vain. Then I was asked to try to drink hydralite and so if I manage to keep it down it might solve the issue of dehydration. So in an attempt to get discharged quickly, I gulped almost a jug of hydralite and somehow managed to keep it down. I slept for a while and by that time my uncle showed up at the hospital after collecting my baggage from the airport. He had got some lunch for me.

It was evening time, when a senior doctor came over to check on me and declared that I can finally go home. I got discharged and I was so happy to be going home and finally being able to see my cats.

I was away for 2 months, I knew for sure they must be angry at me

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