The Genie

We went from the quarters juices in the corners to the wine glasses. I went from my ripped school shoes to heels. A lot has changed overtime but much stays the same. Coming from a remote town in India, now overlooking the water views in Australia, I ponder over my journey through these times.

I mean who would have thought that I'd be doing this? From back in the old days, I wouldn't have bought it but I was sold a dream.

A dream to be well, to be happy and healthy with my family. I ran away with it and since then trying to back to the reckoning of a normal life. I might have changed is what the people who used to know me say, but little do they know I've brought the changes in me that the people I call my family say.

I have been a stronger person. I'm not afraid of anything and in a healthy state of mind.

Taran, the youngest of us Kaur sisters has been doing good lately. She passed year 10 with flying colors this year. We didn't want her to stress a lot about studies but she has been responsible about it anyways. She has opted for Non- Medical subjects in her year 11 and 12 which comes served with jargon of Physics, Chemistry and Maths. Additionally, she chose computer science as an elective. She's a smart kid.

I still remember the day when her year 10 results were released. When I called her up, she started crying over the phone. I was starting to worry if she had flunked.

That's when mother took over the phone, and told me she attained 85% and had been crying her eyes out, not speaking to anyone as she was expecting to get more than 90%. Helpless with the situation, mother and father were trying hard to cheer her up. They seemed so happy for their daughter had done so well, even though she struggles in her daily life. She deals with hypothyroidism which makes learning and understanding a bit of a ball game for her and she's been really nailing it. I am proud of my sister.

I am the brotherly figure to both my sisters. I look over them and I care for them. If anything goes wrong in their lives, it makes me anxious but so far, they have been more of a rejoice than worry.

Taran has grown up from secondary classes and is now starting the next phase of her education. She is a big girl now and sure knows how to be treated like one. For her Python classes, she wished for a laptop. My elder sister turned into a genie and granted her wish.

I guess being youngest in the family comes with a lot of perks. You can get anything you want without relying on your parents to buy, because that is what you have elder siblings for. It's true in my case too. Harneet splurges and spoils me every now and then.

I get some of them perks too.

My mother has figured out a new reason to worry. Earlier, she kept worrying about Taran's year 10 examinations but now that it's been said and done, now she gets worried about her chemistry tuition.

I guess that's what mothers do. They never stop worrying.

Taran is doing really well in studies. She is really good in maths and physics unlike me and Harneet, but struggles at times with chemistry, again unlike me or Harneet. She dreams of becoming an aeronautical engineer. I tell her to cling tight to her dream, and keep running with it. I hope she gets there while I struggle through my chaos.

Harneet has moved to Canada and has started working there. We sisters are across three continents but still are close knit to each other. I hope to go home this year to see my family and friends.

I speak to my grandfather regularly. He has been holding on strong, coping with his dialysis pretty bravely while my grandmother struggles with diabetic retinopathy.

One of her eyes have blood dried on the eye lens which gives her a big blot in her eyesight.

Just a few weeks ago, I came to know that my mother is suffering from type 2 diabetes too. It worries me a lot. I worry about my family's health despite me being chronically ill beyond repair. I guess that's what love does to you. You want your loved ones happy and healthy no matter what you are going through. Just a voice on the other end of the phone, a face on the other side of the screen lights up your days. While seeing them do better in their lives makes you happy than anything else. With no hype, no complaints, my parents took care of us sisters. I'm just here trying to prove father right, the only one that kept saying I'm nice. While everyone else, including me was doubting myself, all along he believed in me. So I am out here to prove wrong whoever said I would do wrong.

I will be the best of myself.

I hope you do too.

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