The Kaleidoscope

We do not have a choice of who we are born as. We did not have the slightest clue about our lives. With the as many dimensions of the kaleidoscope, we were deprived of the smallest of the agreements for our lives. We were born and hooked up to the world outside with all our attention in return for the belief. You did not choose to speak English, or the town you were born in. These things existed even before you were here. You did not choose your religion, family and friends. These things were given to us. You did not even choose your own name. A complex diffusion of the anatomy along with fate gives birth to a member of the greatest civilisation on the planet.

Along with what possibly could go wrong inside of your body, there's much that could go wrong on the outside as well. There's a quote that says "When life hands you a lemon, you make lemonade", but in reality when the life actually hands you a lemon, it's actually pretty tough to figure out how to make lemonade.

Anyone who follows Indian cinema is familiar with the veteran actor "Sushant Singh Rajpoot", The news of his suicide took everyone aback. This was the one person who everyone thought has made it big in life. With a solid education and multi-bagger professional acting career, his credentials were solid.

What could possibly go wrong with a life like that?

With this incident, India is wondering whether mental health could as be as big of an issue as been stated only by Vogue magazines. The problem of depression has left its mark on the world yet again, claiming the life of an actor.

The people around the world are facing a calamity right now. COVID-19 has shattered many families, taken the lives of people who existed in someone's world. With enough times in everyone's disposal during the lock-down has provided us with an opportunity to sit back and observe the societies around us in a linear manner. We have to acknowledge and perceive the way healthcare and disease could affect every place on the planet.

Along with our dreams for our lives, it's time to divert our attention and energy to the dream of a better planet. We as humans represent the life work of our ancestors, and it's our duty to take care of each one of us along with the planet.

It's important that we apply the same morals that we impart to the kids. We need to sustain a tolerant society, helping each one of us. We must understand that there's no concept of borders for a virus, so shouldn't be for kindness. Until everyone's free, no one's free. We need to take every single one of ours out of the vicious system of greed, hatred and violence and work towards the goal of better humankind. Someone can not help everyone. Everyone can help someone.

While improving the healthcare infrastructure, we need to aim our goals towards eradicating mental illness by working towards a capitalist-socialist model of society. Acquiring wealth may ensure you get the best treatment for a bodily concern like a heart transplant or even the pandemic. However, the same criteria do not applies on mental illness, as depicted by the incidents of Kurt Cobain, Heath Ledger, Robin Williams, Jiah Khan and now Sushant Singh Rajpoot. These people had access to everything a normal person could wish for, yet none of that applied when the clock hit the hour.

You do not have a choice of who we are born as you have a choice of who you leave as.