The Night of Horrors

2020 had just started, It was a Sunday. I woke up in the morning with a heavy head but it was nothing unusual. Most of the mornings are the same. The feeling of always being sick gets familiar with you right to an extent where you start ignoring minor pains as if nothing's wrong.

I checked my sugar levels, nothing wrong there. I had an evening shift at work. I got my lunch ready and went to work. The day was going as usual.

I was cleaning the store when my boss walked in to help me with some paperwork. It was around

6 PM. Out of nowhere, I started to feel very nauseous. I made my way to the staff toilet and vomited my guts out.

When I walked out, my boss looked at my face and asked me if I was doing okay. I tried my best to act casual. I laughed it off saying its fine, just my usual thing.He insisted saying that if I was not well, I was free to go.

He even offered to stay to cover for me but I said I was okay and asked him to go home.

By the time it was 8, I was feeling very-very sick. I was barely up, trying to get everything worked out up untill I finished and shut the store at 11 PM.

By the time I got in my car, it felt like a bus had ran over me. I started to drive back home. I could sense that something was not right. I called my uncle and told him about the situation, and that I was not sure what was happening. He asked me to be careful and asked me to go to the hospital if I get worse.

Somehow, I made my way back home. I threw up before I went to sleep.

I woke up around 4 AM in the morning. I was drenched in sweat and shivering. I woke up with a temperature. My body was aching so much, I couldn't move at all. I tried convincing myself that because I vomited, probably I might have a stomach bug and it might go away on its own. I was wrong.

I tried to sleep but when I woke up again, my temperature had gone higher already and the pains were just making me cry. I didn't have a medicine at home for fever as I am not allowed to take any medicines without consulting my GP as it could result in shutting down my already wrecked kidneys.

I called one of my friends Lisa and asked her if she could drop in some Panadol for me so I can have it for that is the only med I am allowed to ingest. Lisa came in straight away and bought some meds.

I had some boiled eggs and took 2 pills.

I was just laying when my phone rang. Father was video calling me. As soon as he looked at me, he asked if I was sick. He asked me about what happened. When I told him, he asked me to go to the hospital. I declined saying they will make me wait for hours if I go in just for minor fever. I consoled him saying I will be fine and if I do not get better by tomorrow I will go to the hospital.

My sister kept texting asking me how I am. By evening I got worse, the fever was not going away at all. I got up around 7 PM and went to the hospital.

As I reached the emergency room, there were more than 30 people waiting in the queue to see the doctor. The triage nurse checked my vitals and asked me to wait without asking me my medical history. I tried telling her that I was a diabetic but in vain. She said I will have to wait for my turn anyhow.

I sat down in the room but it was very cold and I was burning with fever. I went out and laid down on a wooden bench for more than 4 hours, waiting for their call that never came. It was about 11 PM when I went up to her and said that I was feel very sick and cannot wait any longer to see the doctor. She said there was not much she could do about it. Annoyingly, I asked her to take my tag off as I was going to go back home. She resisted, saying that since I was a diabetic, something might go very wrong at home as I live by myself and so I should wait.

I looked at her frustrated and paining. The only thing I could utter was that atleast I will be comfortable at home. She conveyed her apologies, which was little of my help, and I left for home unattended.

The situation was getting out of hands. When I got home, I tried to have something to eat but couldn't so I popped 2 more panadols and got into my bed, awaiting a night of horrors.

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