It was around 6 PM in the evening. It was getting colder. It had been 5 days in the hospital and father was finally discharged from the hospital. We had 3 hours of journey ahead of us. I collected all his paperwork from the doctor's and spoke to them about the cautions and red signs we need to look out for, while he was recovering.

The doctor said I'll need to get him back for a check and possibly another procedure for his right coronary artery after 14 days. In the car, it was quiet. I couldn't help but recollect flashes from all times, thinking about how Igor and Thor would be doing at home. Everyone was praying, hoping that everything will get better, but just when you think you had enough life kicks you down so hard, you feel surrounded by darkness hoping for a light to free you up. I guess God had other plans for me.

For the next week, we made sure father took his supplies on time. He was feeling a lot better, looking a lot better. The only odds I noticed was his body covered with itchy goosebumps and blood was started to come under his skin and patches of blood were visible under his skin. Soon we found that father is allergic to aspirin and the heavy doses of it was causing it to him. I texted the doctor and he told me an alternative to it, and fortunately that helped him a great deal. In a couple of days, he was fine.We were finally starting to feel normalcy in the family. The family was united again for Diwali, just missing Harneet. We spent the evening together, laughing at each other, mostly just talking.

I went for a weekend away with my friends after years. We went to Chandigarh, roamed around in a TukTuk at the city beautiful. I splurged some on shopping. It did lighten up my mood, just my sugar levels were irregular because of all the eating, but it couldn't stop me from savoring the delicacies I was eating. I was happy.

I got back home in 2 days and started getting stomach aches. I kept putting it off for 2 -3 days until the night it went bad. I woke up around 2 AM, groaning with pain. I was getting cold chills. My hands and feet were cold as ice. Mother and nanny came over to check up on me. I was feverish but I was shivering.Even though, I was under a blanket my whole body was burning hot, but my hands and feet were cold.I vomited my guts out in the wash and since then I was vomiting everything out, even water.Mother was rubbing on my feet, trying to get my feet to warm up, but it went worse and I fell puckish.

Somehow, I went to bed that night but couldn't sleep. In the morning, my grandfather consulted the family doctor. My uncle and aunt took me to his clinic where he checked me and recommended some blood tests and ultimately an ultrasound. I vomited again on my way to the ultrasound clinic. It was almost evening when we got the reports and doctor asked my uncle to get me admitted to the hospital as he suspected that I developed pancreatitis.

Harneet was coming to India from United States that day. She told nobody, except me.

Harneet being typical herself. We were supposed to take father for his checkup the next day to Chandigarh so it was decided that they will get me admitted in Chandigarh hospital as well. I stretched the recliner as much I could and laid down on the seat of the car as we drove home that night. My whole body was aching.

As we got home, I went to my room and laid down on the bed. I started a discussion with my mother about me accompanying father for his check up, which soon turned into argument and ended with me deciding to give up food and water for the rest of my life, which clearly didn't happen.

It was about 10:30 PM, about time for Harneet to make appearance. I was waiting, laid down on the bed and we heard a loud knock on the door everyone was in bed. Mum was startled. I tried, but couldn't speak to her loud enough that its Harneet. When they opened the door, they all were surprised and happy to see her. The family was united now. I could hear them from my room. Upon knowing she got home safe, I could finally go to sleep. She entered my room and called my name. I woke up and looked at her. I couldn't stop but cry. She told me she will go with us to the doctor's tomorrow so I don't have to worry about anything anymore. I was happy to have her on my side. I went to sleep with an aching stomach but a happy heart.

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