Weak Stomach

The family was finally united again. A strange little band of characters trudging through life. Somewhere between sharing diseases and toothpaste and stealing each other's desserts we grew up. Still trying to figure out the common bond that tied us all together.

It was around 8 AM. I was still wandering through the castle of my dreams when Harneet woke me up. It felt like we were back in the same old days. Everybody was finally together under one roof, after so many years, even my grandmother and grandfather. Everybody was home.

I got up, putting on one of father's old tee and my pajama which was my affixed attire during the complete time I was in India. I was aching with the pain in my stomach, but still happy to see everyone. It was almost time to leave for Chandigarh. Father, mother, Harneet, Mohan, my uncle and me, we all got ready and sat in the car. We started off the 120 km journey to Chandigarh.

I had not eaten anything for the last 48 hours. I had little to no energy left in me and I was starting to feel nauseous. As we started the journey, I just leaned my seat back and tried to sleep. I was trying not to feel puckish but couldn't help it. An hour after we started, I asked Mohan to pull over. I got out of the car and vomited water and bile. I got back in the car, rested my head again and shut my eyes. When you're not well, every passing minute feels like an eternity. It felt like a really long journey to me. I felt so sick, even the smell of food in the car was making me want to vomit. Somehow, I finally made it.

Firstly, we dropped off father for his checkup. Mother and my uncle accompanied him. Another one of my uncles, who live in Chandigarh showed up and he took the rest of us to the gastrologist's clinic.

We sat in the waiting area until we got called in by the doctor. He checked all of my reports and asked me a few questions about my diabetes and the complications. After looking at my condition, he declared it a case of acute stomach infection. He recommended admitting me to a hospital until I was able to digest water and food. Until then, he recommended putting me on IV fluids completely.

I was running out of patience and no energy left, even to feel remorse. I just wanted to feel okay.

We left his clinic and went straight to the hospital. They took me in and assigned a private room to me.

As I got into the bed, I was shivering with cold. They covered me with 2 blankets, started checking my vitals and adjusted me to place the cannula in. I braced myself for the pain. It did hurt a bit but everything was in and they started the fluids. As the time went by, I could feel my body getting hydrated again. I finally started to feel better and dozed off.

When I woke up, I found Harneet was sitting next to me. We called up father on his phone to see how his checkup went. He said that the doctor was very happy with his recovery. The doctor recommended keeping him on medication for another 2 months, until his next checkup. We were happy that at-least father was getting better. He asked about how I was doing to which Harneet told him that I was fine.

She asked father about how they were planning to proceed next as I was advised by the doctor to be admitted overnight at the hospital. Father was willing to stay the night with me to which Harneet laughed saying yeah sure as if we were on a vacation and the hospital is providing us suites to stay.

Listening to the conversation, I burst into laughter. I couldn't help but feel overwhelmed looking at the love being poured in.

After about an hour later, father and mother came over to check on me. They were relieved seeing that I was bit better. It was decided that Harneet will stay with me at the hospital. She suggested them to leave for home as it was getting dark and the drive back home was about 3 hours.

As they left me and Harneet retired for the night. She went out and bought me some water and food for herself. We were trying to sleep but failed miserably. The nurses kept coming over and again to check on my vitals and the pain felt unbearable, so I hardly slept.

Every once in a while, the cannula was getting clogged. In order to fix it, they used to flush the blockage which would hurt like anything. I was groaning with pain, every time they were doing it. They offered me painkillers to which I refused because she mentioned that it might cause vomiting.

So I decided to lay down in pain, just to spend the night and keeping it together. In the morning, my uncle came over with food for Harneet. The doctor ordered an Ultrasound so we had to go to another clinic. The Ultrasound came out fine, so we came back to the hospital and my uncle left for his work.

When Harneet opened the box he had got for her, I was mouth-watering with the smell of Rice and Rajma from a mile away. I begged for her to give me a bite to which she declined. She was teasing me while eating it. I asked the nurse if I could eat some, and they said I can drink some coconut water if I want to. I sipped on coconut water while watching her savour the Rajma.

Later during the day, the doctor came over to check on me. He said I was doing better and he might discharge me this evening. Harneet called up father on his phone to tell him the news. Father called one of his friends, Upreti uncle who was kind enough to drive 3 hours to come pick us up and drop us home.

I couldn't be more happy with the sight of them taking off the cannula. It pained a bit but none the less, I was happy to be going home. They offered to drop me off the gates on a wheelchair to which I marched right out of the hospital. As we got home that night I climbed onto my bed, not recovered fully but bit happy that I was home.

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